Alberobello is located:

  • 60 km from Brindisi
  • 50 km from Taranto
  • 115 km from Lecce
  • 155 km from Gallipoli
  • 160 km from Otranto


Hotel Astoria is right in the midst of the wonderful ambiance created by the Valle dei Trulli, in the historical center of Alberobello, not too far from the train station and public transport. Alberobello possesses more than 1400 trulli and is deservedly called the Capital of the Trulli; the very particular shapes of these dwellings are the distinguishing feature of the town which was built along the imposing Rioni Monti area and Aia Piccola.

When you reach the heart of the town by going through narrow alleys and winding streets, you come to the hill where the Sant’Antonio Church stands which is also in the shape of a trullo, and you will be able to admire the gorgeous view of the surrounding countryside. Only a short distance away, behind the sanctuary of the Holy Doctors Cosmos and Damian you will find the Trullo Sovrano, the only two-storey trullo in existence.

When strolling in the Monti district you must do some shopping for souvenirs and typical products in trulli converted into shops; in the Aia Piccola area you will enjoy the ancient and alluring charm of these places.


On the hills of the Murgia region you will find Ostuni, an ancient center featuring the typical white limestone houses of the Itria Valley. Delightful small squares and steep streets will get you to very picturesque corners overshadowed by the magnificent sanctuary of Sant'Oronzo. In the Pre-Classical Civilization Museum are preserved the remains of prehistoric Delia, a woman from 25,000 years ago. Don't forget to indulge in the flavors of the local cuisine, a must stop to a visit to this “white city”.

Castellana grottos

Less than 20 km from Alberobello, at Castellana Grotte you will be able to admire its beautiful palazzos, the Madonna della Vetrana cathedral and the baroque altars of the church dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi. You will be even further amazed by the grottos of the Corsica basin, the most important cave center in the whole of Italy. This is a 3-kilometer stretch among glittering crystals, gigantic stalactites and huge cupolas with alabaster draping, that leads you to the magnificent Grotta Bianca (White Grotto) and then to the Treasure Room, and finishes under the light of the sun that filters down the natural skylight of the Grave cave. Unforgettable.

In the delightful Itria Valley, the tourist centers of Martina Franca and Putignano offer interesting points at less than 15 km from Alberobello. From the hills of Murgia, Martina Franca oversees the green valley that contrasts with the white of the trulli and has a historic center that is considered a treasure of the Puglia baroque. Putignano is known for its carnival and the impressive medieval structure surrounding the church of San Pietro and the Palazzo del Balì, the original seat of the Malta Knights.

The Trullo

An ancient cone-shaped stone dwelling, mostly used by the "cozzari", or peasants. The trulli have a prehistoric origin, with walls made of limestone boulders shaped like bricks and topped with a conical cupola. Throughout the centuries they were converted to true independent dwellings, warm in winter and cool in summer thanks to special earth interspaces. They are built using the "dry wall" technique, a mortarless method that in the 17th century meant the owner did not have to pay taxes for dwellings built on public land, since the construction could be demolished in only minutes by the peasants and their families when they anticipated the arrival of the county officials.

How to reach us

By plane

The Bari Airport is 55 km away. Take the Tempesta shuttle or bus 16 of the AMTAB line and get to the Bari train station, follow directions as described in the "By Train" paragraph in order to reach Hotel Astoria of Alberobello. Or rent a car and follow directions as described in the "By Car" paragraph. Taxi service available.

The Brindisi Airport is 65 km away. Rent a car, take S.S.16 to Bari and at Monopoli take the interchange for Alberobello, you will reach the city after 20 km. Follow directions for the Carabinieri station, Hotel Astoria is just across from it. Taxi service available.

By car

After reaching Bari with the highway, take S.S.16 to Brindisi and then follow directions for Taranto by getting on S.S.100; when you reach Casamassima, turn right and take Provincial road 172 for Turi/Putignano towards Alberobello. Nearing the center keep right and come to Via Putignano, go past Piazza Fratelli Kennedy and you will get to Viale Bari where at number 11 is Hotel Astoria.

By train

Once you reach the Bari Train Station, get to the "Sud-Est" station and take the train to Taranto; get off at Alberobello station which is just behind Hotel Astoria, only 30 m away.